We Care About Our Community: Home Flooding Preparation

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On May 19, 2020, much of our mid-Michigan community experienced devastation from flooding and several dam failures on lakes around the Midland County area. In 2017, our area experienced flooding thought to be labeled a 100yr flood. May 2020 brought a 500yr flood. A statistician might tell us that we're relatively safe from flooding for

Welcome Home to our Newest in Luxury

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An inviting neighborhood, beautiful wooded setting, and a welcoming home design; that's our Forestridge Luxury Twin Homes. With homes recently completed in Midland, Michigan, these offer exceptional quality and thoughtful details, just as all of our homes do. Forestridge also offers the caring feature of an aging-in-place design to perfectly help with the transitional periods

Moving back to Michigan and building the home of their dreams

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When the Lapham family decided to move back to Clare County to settle down and build the home of their dreams, we were honored to be contacted to help them. Living in New Hampshire, the Lapham family wanted to bring back the style of a classic East Coast house to their home in Mid-Michigan. The

Ultimate Home Energy Efficiency

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Building a new home offers you comfort, quality, and durability. When you are considering your highly efficient custom home (or dream home!), often we think about the design of the look and feel of the exterior, or the interior design and overlook the core benefits. A highly efficient custom home is built with details that

Make Your House a Smart Home

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Smart home technology is shaping the future of humankind. Over the past twenty years, contemporary models have evolved with the science and manufacturing to support a copious number of products to enhance our daily lives. Including smart home technology in your new luxury home build or re-model can offer benefits such as comfort, energy efficiency,

Forestridge Luxury Twin Homes

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We are proud to introduce our newest offering, the Forestridge Luxury Twin Homes. With thoughtful design and craftsmanship inside and out, top to bottom, these new luxury homes will be the perfect fit for that transitional period in life. Here are some of the top notch features you'll find: Greystone quality and details throughout Extreme

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