Building Inspiring Spaces

Greystone Homes is your trusted name in home builders.  Whether you want to build or remodel, we will help you achieve your dream home.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the home you always wanted.

Custom Homes

Everyone has that ideal home roaming around in their mind.  But not everyone has the opportunity to make that idea a reality.  If it’s time that you stop dreaming and start planning, then make an appointment today to sit down with our experienced team and start laying the foundation of your future.



Everyone has that one room that they would love to change.  Whether it’s a wall that should be knocked out to make the room larger or the countertops in your kitchen need replacing.  Our experienced team can help make that room your favorite!

Interior Design

Greystone has experienced interior designers to help out with all of your building and remodeling challenges.  Whether you are looking for someone to help you with the layout of the rooms in your new home or to you simply need advice on the shelving space in your office remodel, we have someone you can trust to point you in the right direction.  Our interior designers are here to help in any way they can.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in your home.  Of course you want them looking fantastic and enveloping you in their comfort.  If that simply isn’t the case at your house, we can help you fix that!

Tomorrow’s Homes Today

Have you dreamed of building a new home the way you want it? Does your dream include a breakfast nook that overlooks the lake or the library with floor to ceiling bookshelves and a window seat? Does your current home come with large utility bills? Would you gladly trade that formal dining room for an outdoor entertaining area complete with fireplace or that Jacuzzi tub for a luxurious walk-in shower? Let us help you make your dreams move-in ready.

Working Together to Create Your Vision

You can have the home you have always envisioned and we can help make it happen. Sit down with our home designer, architect and builders to collaborate on your design. Ask our interior designer to bring some “wow factor” into your spaces. We will work with you throughout the planning and construction process to make your new home as unique as you are.



Do you have questions before you get started? We can sit down with you to review your ideas on layouts, building sites, budgets, energy efficiency, etc.


The Build Process

Greystone Homes is here for you and your family during this exciting building process.  We enjoy the building of a home just as much as you love seeing your dream become a reality.  Stop by today to discover the quality that we pour into our homes.

Steps to Build a Home

  • Pre-Construction & Planning – What do you want your home to look like? Have you saved pictures from a magazine, Houzz or Pinterest account? How about layout, bedrooms, bathrooms and other spaces? What is the budget that we will be working with?
  • Financing – The bank uses the house plans and the specifications that we’ve created with you to finance a construction loan for the building of the home.
  • Setting the Foundation – We use a super insulated basement foundation system that’s ready to be finished on the inside should you decide to do so now or in the future. We will have also planned for a basement bathroom, bedrooms and egress windows.
  • Framing – This is when your house starts to take shape.  Your house will now have walls, a roof and windows! You’ll appreciate the use of quality materials and framing techniques.
  • Rough-ins – Enter the trades. You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship of what goes on behind the drywall and see plumbers, heating & air-conditioning experts and electricians hard at work. This is also when security systems, central vacuum, lighting, home automation, audio and communication systems are installed.
  • Insulation – Sealing and insulating the home is one of the most important steps. You don’t get a second change once the drywall is installed.
  • Drywall – A good drywall job should be the crowning touch on your new home. A bad drywall job can’t be hidden even with texturing.
  • Interior finishes – Now the shell will start to look like a home as interior doors and trims are installed, custom built-ins are created, cabinets are hung, hardwood and ceramic floors are installed and walls are finally painted. Countertops, mirrors, plumbing fixtures, shower doors and appliances complete the transformation into a home.
  • Exterior finishes – The outside of your home will progress along with the interior finishes.  Exterior finishes such as brick, stone siding, and concrete complete the home and add architectural style.
  • Landscaping – Trees, bushes, grass, sprinkler systems and hardscapes complete the outside and help create the outdoor living spaces.


Interior Design

When you build with Greystone Homes, we offer you the best in interior design.  As part of the building process, we make available to you the opportunity to work with our interior designers before and during the construction.  Now you have someone to help with your design as well as the know-how to bring all of your ideas together.  Not only will they help you make your home aesthetically appealing, but they can also help to enhance the safety and function of your home.  Allow our interior designers to help make your house a home.


Home Remodeling Services

Do you love the home you already have or can’t imagine leaving your wonderful neighborhood?  Then why not breathe new life into your well-loved home?  Greystone Homes has a creative design team that can help determine the best alterations to make the home work for you, enhance its value and achieve that “wow factor”.

Heart of the Home

Most consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home.  We spend a lot of time in this room, so why not have the kitchen that makes you and the rest of the family want to be there? Kitchen and bath remodels have the largest impact on the overall appeal of your home as well as the overall value of your home. Please visit our Kitchen & Bath Design Center or call to have our cabinet designer come to your home for a free consultation.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Greystone Kitchen & Bath is a Midland, Michigan based company that has been in business since 2000. We offer full service custom design and building advice for those looking to renovate or start a new home building site. In addition, we also showcase a vast array of kitchen and bathroom components and accessories to compliment all of your building projects.

Over the years we’ve learned one of the most important factors in offering quality customer care is our exceptional attention to details. All of our associates and designers are trained and experienced in home designs for both the inside and outside of your home. This allows us to provide guidance and assistance when you’re at a stand still with picking and choosing particular design elements for your remodel.

With our energy efficient appliances and products, you’ll save time and money in the long run. Our goal is to prove to you that we care about what you want to accomplish with your renovation or building projects. All of our designs are completely customized with you in mind.

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