As you begin the building process, there are so many things to consider.  Greystone Homes wants to help ease your burden during this time.  Go ahead and take a look at the following resources.  If you still have questions, our team at Greystone Homes is here to help in any way we possibly can.

House Plans

When deciding on house plans, there are a few things to consider.  Are you going to build a custom home or find a home that you love that has already been designed?  After you have answered this question, you can begin looking or designing your home at the following websites:

Energy Star and Green Building

A top priority when building is to have an energy efficient home in the end.  Why waste money due to lack of sufficient insulation or windows that let in a draft?  And if you are concerned with green building, Greystone Homes can help with that as well.  Take a look at the following websites to help further your education with these processes:


We are proud of the homes we build and like to stay current with the building process.  Therefore we pride ourselves by being a part of the following associations: