Why is the pricing of two different 1000 square foot homes different?2021-07-16T05:50:26-07:00

Prior to deciding on what house you plan to purchase or build, you should first take a look carefully at the differences.  When building a house, the amount of windows, doors, details on the porch and amount of bathrooms adds to the pricing.  Just because the homes have the same amount of square feet, doesn’t mean that is all you are paying for.  Think of it this way, a Toyota Camry and a 5Series BMW are both four door, mid-size sedans.  But they are VERY different cars each featuring different price tags!

Is Greystone Homes a green builder?2021-07-16T05:49:23-07:00

Yes we are.  The largest portion of green building is long term energy use.  This is determined by insulating, sealing, appliance efficient, furnace and AC efficiency and lighting choices during the construction process.

Is Greystone Homes an Energy Star builder?2021-07-16T05:48:54-07:00

Yes, we are partnered with Energy Star!  One of the best reasons to build a home over purchasing a used home is the fact that you have the opportunity to construct it right and make it energy efficient.  Building practices have changed in order to meet the needs of escalating energy prices.  Homes built today are sealed tighter and insulated better than home built even five years ago.

When can I start my home?2021-07-16T05:47:27-07:00

We have started homes in every month of the year.  Michigan winters can affect the ability to start a new home. Most often we complete the “shell” of the home so that we may begin work on the inside.  Our schedule may also affect the process of breaking ground on your new home.

How long will it take to build my home?2021-07-16T05:48:30-07:00

Most of the homes that we build take five to six months to complete from the time we break ground.  The time of year that we start the process as well as Michigan weather is also a factor.  Just remember that there is also quite a bit of time spent in the beginning selecting a plan, finding the perfect building site, obtaining financing, etc.

What should I do first – find plans or talk to a builder?2021-07-16T05:46:53-07:00

We can work with either scenario. Many home owners are working within a budget that includes the lot, site improvements, the home construction itself and various other factors. We cannot give you an exact cost without seeing the blue prints and specifications, but we can give you a cost range (usually per square foot). This estimate will be based on your concept plus our prior experience and the lot you have chosen. This will put you in the ballpark of what your dream house will cost so that you can decide if building this house if feasible prior to purchasing blue prints.

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