This home was featured in the Summer 2021 Issue of Michigan Home & Lifestyle Magazine.


The dreams of a six-person family are exciting and many. Greystone built this home from that same excitement and joy, welcoming you between white columns pointing upward to the gorgeous glass design in the peak, and ushering you through eight-foot double doors illuminated by light through the custom curving windows. This is an unforgettable French Country home, anchored in strong stone brick, dazzling with sloping roof peaks.

The inside beautifully mirrors the exterior as the mountain-top entryway reveals a spacious high-ceiling atrium. The striking curved window fills the hall with natural sunlight, and a matching blue chandelier waits for its turn to light the stage. Through this incandescent passage lies the living room. The white brick chimney rises up from the fireplace to the wood beam accented ceiling, delivering rustic frontier cabin flavors. Even the mantelpiece is vintage Americana, an authentic barn beam adding real history to the room.

Wall-to-wall windows fill the next room with nature’s light. You can move through the kitchen like a breeze, around the marble tabletop island to the symmetrical cabinets on either side of the oven. Meals are nearly easier to make than to eat with the space provided, everything in arm’s reach, and yet nothing is cramped. There’s even a surprise spot to eat a snack — a circular stone slab extending out from the island adds extra seating and a place to spend time together.

The whole family can dine together in front of the stone Mendota fireplace, underneath a beautiful gridlike ceiling, and in light of the sun. The dining room and the kitchen are together one hearth and home, bringing together the warmth of food, fire, and family.

And there’s more warmth, beyond the glass double doors, into the year-round sunroom. In times of chill, the stained cement floor radiates heat from beneath, and in times of heat, the ceiling fan creates a cooling breeze. Through the windows lie the green grass plains and the woodland forests of the backyard. Here too is the expansive patio, shaded by the column-supported pergola, warmed by the stone fireplace, and made heavenly by the outdoor hot tub. Completing the space is an outdoor kitchen, bringing all the family comfort of the indoors to the fresh air of the outside world, making it the perfect place to spend time and grow together.

Coming back in through the garage you arrive at the heart of function. This room is how this home makes life easy, with storage space to stock for every adventure and trip without having to think. Winter wear for sledding or skiing, boots, and gloves for leaves and mud, or umbrellas and towels for sand and foam — all in one convenient room lined with lockers and seating.

Even when the day is winding down, the pleasures of this home are just beginning. Watch the twilight skies from the spacious standalone bathtub through the master bath’s corned windows, or see the waxing crescent moon through the glass shower, and fear not cold toes — the floor has a heat mat!

Independent from the rest of the house, the basement is separately heated and air-conditioned, allowing for perfect temperatures all year round, all house round — secured with elegant pre-insulated Great Lakes Superior Walls and a heated floor. And there’s more yet to come: in the coming future, the home will expand to not only a finished full basement but an entire extra room above the three-car garage.

Greystone Homes realized this family’s dreams, and all while preserving the natural wetlands of the property. This custom home, designed for comfort, wonder, and family, is everything for a family and the memories they make together.


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