It’s 2020. A new year fills the pages of our calendar, and not just a new year, but a new decade. We bid a fond (or maybe not so fond) farewell to the twenty-teens. Regardless of how the past treated us, maybe it’s time to reflect and refocus. Some of us want to maintain and keep on doing what we’re doing for the foreseeable future. If you’re reading this post I bet that might not be the case, though.

You don’t want to just do the bare minimum. You’re an overachiever. You assess past performance and plan for the future. You set goals and you reach them in a timely fashion, if not early.

If you’re here you’re a fan. You support the hard work we put into our new homes and our high-end remodels. Maybe you own a new Greystone Home (thank you!) or maybe we’ve remodeled your home (thank you, too!). Maybe with the new decade, you’re setting your sights on a new home, the perfect totally custom home that you’ve always dreamed of. Just maybe we can help you fully envision that home and those goals you’ve set over the years turn into a dream come true.

You can always call our office (when we’re open, of course) and meet with us for a free consultation. We’ll help you make the most of the new decade! In the meantime, check out one of our Greystone Home’s stories – how one owner of a small cottage on a lake made their dream home happen.


cottage and cut trees

Early in the process of transforming this property, we identified those trees that could be saved and removed the remaining trees.


pile of boards that were once the cottage deck

The old wooden deck outside the cottage had to go.


scenic view of the lake

The most important item on our list: preserving this scenic view of the lake.


cottage being prepared for tear down

The cottage is prepped for tear down, including removing the knotty pine paneling to be used in the new home!


scenic view of the cottage pre tear down

Here’s a scenic view of the cottage as it is further prepared for tear down.


new lake home after the cottage is removed

With hard work and vision, this lakeside lot is transformed into an epic custom home!


Just look at that transition! Use the slider to see more of the property before and after its transformation!